Weight Loss Program

Are sugar cravings impeding your weight loss efforts? Are your eating habits tied closely to your mood? Have you tried all the latest fad diets for weight loss?

Program design

The Healthy Weight Loss Program is designed to get to the root cause of your weight loss challenges and focuses on teaching you how to eat intuitively to nourish your body.

This program includes the following pillars of success:

  • Promotes a sustainable lifestyle approach that teaches you about food proportions, the timing of your meals, and the right foods to eat.

  • Tests and addresses any hormonal or metabolic imbalances that may be affecting the body’s metabolism. Tests requisitioned may include simple blood tests or functional hormonal tests like the OAT test, DUTCH test, cortisol testing, or thyroid panel.

  • Incorporates regular, physical exercise into the treatment plan.

  • Utilizes a system of accountability, such as recording daily foods and scheduling regular weigh-ins.

  • Provides you with external resources. This may include working collaboratively with other health care professionals and referral partners, such as a physiotherapist and personal trainer, to provide integrative support for your health goals.

What to expect

Treatment plans are highly individualized and take into account that no two weight-loss journeys are alike. Appointments take place every 2 to 4 weeks to keep you on track, accountable, make adjustments to your treatment plan, and discuss strategies to break through weight loss plateaus.

Note: Visit fees are covered by most extended health benefits plans.

Interested in learning more?

Just interested in learning more? Click here to book a complimentary 15-minute “meet-and-greet” visit.  You’ll have an opportunity to meet Dr. Vanier ND, ask questions about the program, and find out how naturopathic medicine may help your metabolic, hormonal, and weight loss concerns.

Please note that treatment plans and medical/health advice are discussed in the initial appointment only.

- Dr. Vanier is a naturopathic doctor in Oakville and Mississauga, Ontario.